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Hey, Pans,

I can't entirely glean what's been going on because most of the journal entries of our crew at Hogwarts have been behind a private lock, even the Order Only ones. We gather that Hydra was hurt? Anyone else?

Should Fred and I make up a gift basket or something you can pass along to her and/or anyone else involved?

It's rather difficult to sit around with our fingers up our arses, wondering what's going on.

Anyway. Saw you sent Hydra a private message. If there's anything at the store you can think of that could help her or anyone else, reply here, okay? Even if it's just a bunch of chocolates or something. We can send it, and you can hand it off to the appropriate party.

Maybe a spell launcher she can aim at dear Barty Crouch's back. Fu has been coming up with some interesting prototypes. At the very least, the idea might make her laugh. If she she needs to laugh?

loving yet clueless,
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You're sure you're okay?

Because I'm noticing an interesting number of private conversations going on under the Order lock.

Need any particular help with a spot of mayhem? Or is there anything else I can do?

Bugger, I wish I were there with you.
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I have astonished Madam Malkin with a very un-Weasley order: a set of spiffin' formal wizard robes, delivery expected next week.

You aren't regretting asking me, I hope? I'm rather looking forward to it, if only to show a bunch of toffs that we Weasleys clean up as well as any sniffy bloke with tapestry ties to every single branch of the sacred twenty-eight.

What's more, I'll be bloody proud to walk in with one of the loveliest (AND brilliant) ladies on my arm.

Hitty told me privately that coppery robes with an emerald green cumberbund would match what you have in mind. (Now you'd better stick to your choice, or she'll be so disappointed she'll probably iron her hands. That would be bad; we need her help packing boxes for the Christmas rush.)
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Fred and I are in a funk, now that you're gone (well, especially me), and Hitty actually BURNED THE TOAST this morning. And then she wanted to wallop her head with the frying pan until Fred managed to convince her that the carbon char on the toast was JUST what we needed for some of the metallurgy experiments we're doing with Fu.

Things aren't nearly as fun without you around. I'm also grieved to tell you that Fred's already starting to misfile things again, after you spent so many hours this summer getting our administrative records unscrambled, too.

Miss you, and not JUST because of the shortage of private snogs. Fred's always good company, and I know you have Perks at your side there at Hogwarts. But it's just not the same.

Expect incoming giant care package tomorrow. Someone I miss so much definitely deserves a WWW special delivery.

I won't insult you by telling you to be careful, now that Dolohov's Headmaster. Oh yeah, and especially with Lana Sandoval-Pennifold swanning around Hogwarts, too.

But blimey, I'm sure thinking it.
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It's bloody odd.

I'm actually feeling nostalgic about the git.

Remember when we charmed his badge to say Big Head Boy?
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Fred cleared out, headed for the Burrow for the night, if you wanted some privacy with me here. Or I can come there, just say the word.

I dunno. Maybe you'd rather be alone, and it's late. But if you need a listener, I can do that. Either in person or over the journals. Whatever you need.
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Don't expect me until late. Or I might kip here overnight.
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Hey, ducks,

We've been wondering whether your bookbag has swallowed you, or maybe the giant squid. We sent the sketches for the additions to the autumn line maybe three weeks ago, and haven't heard anything back.

And the next quarter's budget, too. I know it's the end of the year and all, and SOME of us are more conscientious about exams than others, but we really do need to have you sign off on it. Mum's been on our arses about making rent, and we really want your input about how much to increase advertising; do you think the figures we've conjectured are too high, considering the returns we've had so far?

Hope everything's okay. Say hello to the Hogwarts contingent from us peons in the working world.


Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:21 am
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Does my family know yet?

How'm I ever gonna face them?

If I'd obeyed her, he'd still be alive.
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I revised for NEWTs.

That's all.


Apr. 13th, 2013 07:15 pm
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Found it.
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